Dainty rose gold & opal stacking rings

$299.00 AUD

Introducing our Rose Gold & Opal stacking ring set.
We are just i love with this dainty little set which is made up of 4 handmade high quality 14k Rose Gold filled (NOT plated) and comes with 4 bands - A smooth band, a band containing a GORGOUS opal, a third band which holds any inclusion of your choice (yes hair will be one with certain requirements) 
and a 4th band which is hammered, tying together all different textures and elements.

This dainty little set will have the availability of 10 ordering spots per month (which may increase in 2018)

*Pictured is a mamas milk with milk opal, which looks divine in this set!
We are the only DNA artistry company which ties all of these little bands together in this design 

Dimensions of this set 

The size of the main stone for your inclusions are 5mm

Thickness of each smooth ring is 1mm

Thickness of hammered ring is slightly a little thicker than 1mm

Set sits 5mm when worn on the finger together 

When placing your order, please include the exact following details in the notes section at checkout and within your package to us - Please ensure you read all following information before placing your order.

 *Size - Available in sizes 5 - 12 only - Please state your size at checkout

 *Custom set with your choice of inclusions such as - Breast milk, ashes, placenta, umbilical or breast milk, and hair.

 Please note, we can set hair into this ring, however it will only be straight strands (not curled). When setting hair only we will only set recreated opal (opal flecks) and hair - we cannot leave plain or add any other flecks sorry. As this setting is 5mm in diameter, 5mm of hair will be set directly across this gorgeous stone.

*Shimmers & Flecks  - You may choose from no shimmer, pearl shimmer, or gold shimmer. We recommend the use of gold or pearl shimmer, and dark opal or light opal flecks (when choosing flecks - Light for milk & dark for umbi/placenta/ashes) 

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