Birth inclusion flecks & shimmer recommendations

Umbilical (or other birth inclusions)
You have a choice of any flecks or shimmer combination when creating your birth inclusion keepsake. Below we have suggested our top recommendations.

Gold or pearl shimmer are a beautiful addition either on their own, or complimenting any of the fleck choices below

For a full list of flecks & shimmer choices, you can visit our shimmer & flecks general information page HERE

Please note that all natural inclusions are as individual as the person, and no two pieces will ever look the same. What may look bright and colourful in someone else's keepsake stone may look quite different in yours. This mainly applies for materials such as ashes, where colour differences can vary significantly. We will always aim to create the perfect balance of tones & effects in your chosen materials.

We can not control how the flecks/shimmers set within the stone. Some may be an even spread, other times the shimmers can settle together. Each combination will look different depending on how it settles.

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