Frequently Asked Questions

Detailed information on the following can be found below:

  • Information to know before placing an order
  • Refund cancellation policies 
  • Faults and repairs
  • Once an order is placed
  • Once your order is completed & sent home
  • Taking care of your jewellery & other information


Coronavirus information:

Information to know before you place an order

Where are we located?

Queensland, Australia but we ship WORLDWIDE and have an official Australian Customs permit that allows you to send your materials to us from overseas. All information is supplied to you after your order is placed. 

Please note that all international customers are responsible for customs/duties/taxes in their own country. Please contact your local postal service to determine what the costs might be and please know that BTWT must declare the correct value by law. BTWT does not accept responsibility for customs fees/taxes/duties and each country has their own laws regarding this.

How do I send my materials?

It is really quite easy! You will also find more of this information further down this page.

Once you place an order an automatic email will be sent to you with the password for our 'customer after purchase info pack' which appears on our website HERE. This contains our address and all in depth information needed to send your package safely to us, including the Customs permit for international customers. Please check your junk folder if this email doesn’t appear within 1hr of purchase.

How long does it take to make my order?

We work with an extremely high volume of orders, and currently this can take 8 - 12 weeks from the time it arrives to us until it is ready to be sent. We work as fast and efficiently as possible to have your beautiful jewellery home to you, however please be mindful that we are mother’s ourselves & are a very high in demand service creating everything by hand. The postal service can also vary in times that it takes to deliver so please keep this in mind prior to ordering. 


How often do you post packages home?
We send orders out once per fortnight on Fridays. This helps us keep organised while we work with a high volume of orders.


What does it mean when an item is out of stock?

This means that we have placed a monthly limit on how many of these pieces we create each month for that particular style. Please check back at the start of the next month for it's availability or email us for more information.


Are you able to create a custom piece?
Sorry, we DO NOT create custom designs as we work with an extremely high volume of orders and time does not permit this.

While we do have a wide variety of settings to choose from we can not alter a style or change the shape of a stone etc. 


Do you send back left over items?

We will only guarantee sending back remaining ashes & umbilical stumps. Please DO NOT send any more than 1-2 teaspoons of ashes unless you have a very large order. You can email us if you are unsure.

If you are sending something irreplaceable, please do not send us all of what you have!  We have no control over the postal service and can only take responsibility for your package when it is with us.

We will not send back any remaining milk back home, preserved or non preserved and reserve the right to dispose of any unused milk.

We understand this means sometimes only a very small amount will be sent to us, we would rather this than have you upset if we use all you provide. 


Can i change my order if  I change my mind?

Once you place your order, please know we cannot make changes as this can lead to confusion on our end and an unhappy experience for customers. Please make sure you are certain on your design choice before confirming your order. This includes flecks and shimmers. 


If we live locally can we pick up and drop off?
Sorry we are unable to provide this service.

Do you create pieces with animal ashes/fur?

Yes we absolutely do - just order the appropriate piece and state that it is your pet's ashes or fur that you would like set.

 Can I mix items such as milk and placenta/umbilical together?

The only inclusion we will combine with milk is hair. Please note not all designs can hold milk & hair, so please check the design descriptions for this information.

 Why can't i add flecks to my milk jewellery piece?

We recommended only using pearl/gold shimmer or Opal flecks when choosing milk jewellery pieces. The reason for not recommending other flecks has to do with their size and texture. The end result may not be smooth and 'jewel like' and as such we feel using fine shimmers (or Opal flecks) work better.

 My friends and I would all like jewellery created, can we ship together?
Sorry, to avoid confusion we cannot combine orders.

 What happens when I order a gift certificate?
You will receive an automatic email after purchase which contains your gift certificate code. You may print and/or email as you please. We suggest writing the code into a lovely card to be presented to the recipient.

Please note that gift cards are valid for 12 months from purchase date. If you require an extension please be sure to contact us BEFORE the expiration date.

 Can European beads fit on Pandora bracelets?
Yes, absolutely! They also look beautiful on a chain.

Information on providing & sending materials (especially breast milk)

 If I am sending milk do I need to send my milk frozen?

Fresh, old, frozen or defrosted milk is perfectly fine to send. 

Can you work with high lipase milk?

Yes absolutely! 

Will my milk go off ?
Breast milk has amazing properties and does not spoil the way cow's milk would. It will keep beautifully for the process of creating your precious jewellery. We have been creating jewellery using breast milk since 2013 being sent from all over the world & have never had issues with breast milk travelling. Please follow the instructions on how to send and do not pack in ice etc. Your milk will not go bad.


Will my milk jewellery look exactly like the pictures on the website ?

Breast milk is as individual in colour as we are as people. For this reason please note that your piece will not look like the photos on the website .... even they differ! We see milk that is as white as paper through to beautiful creamy yellow and even blue/pink/green tinges. Please note that your milk has nothing added to it to change its colour. We believe this is what makes each piece so special. 

Your piece will not look like the next person's, nor will it look like the photos on our website (which all differ too). For beads there could be a seamark from the mould and all resin pieces can have small bubbles inside as the resin hardens. Flecks and shimmers dance around and settle in their own way, a way we can not predict or change. We don’t see these as flaws or imperfections. We see them as unique and amazing just like the inclusions you send us. 


What do I need to be able to send my milk?

You will only require breast milk storage bags or zip-lock bags, a note confirming your order, your name (matching the order online), Your order number & your preferred flecks and shimmers. More detailed information is emailed to you after an order is placed.


What do I need to be able to send other inclusions?

You typically only require zip-lock bags, and a pen to leave a note within your package containing, youname (matching the order online), Your order number & your preferred flecks and shimmers. More detailed information is emailed after an order is placed.


How much is typically required to create jewellery?

Breast milk 

Typically 30ml for 1 - 3 pieces. Minimum 10ml for small pieces such as a ring but please check item listing before ordering. Maximum milk to be sent is 50ml.

Ashes -

1/2-1 teaspoon is enough for 1 - 3 pieces depending on size. We can work with however much you have so please contact us via email if you are worried that your amount is too small.


Depending on size of the stump, Usually 1/4 to 1/2 half of a dried umbilical stump for small to medium pieces & a whole stump for larger pieces. 


1 - 2 capsules, or 1 teaspoon worth for 1 - 4 pieces


Minimum 1cm and we can combine hair from more than one person


Half a teaspoon for 1 - 2 pieces


Enough to cover aprox 1 teaspoon and please ensure they are fully dried.

More information on the above is provided after an order is placed 

Postage costs (Australia Post)

Australian Rates 

EXPRESS TRACKED + INSURED up to $1200 with Signature on delivery $33.00
EXPRESS TRACKED + INSURED up to $299 with Signature on delivery $19.00
EXPRESS TRACKED postage $11.00

International Rates 
International EXPRESS + INSURED up to $1200 with signature on delivery $70.00 aud
International EXPRESS + INSURED up to $299 with signature on delivery

$44.50 aud

International EXPRESS TRACKED shipping (Fastest & preferred postal option during the COVID pandemic)

$35.00 aud

International standard TRACKED shipping (Slower postal option during the COVID pandemic) $27.50 aud
Please note that due to Covid there are far less staff as well as planes flying and therefore 'standard tracked' shipping is taking 2-3 months minimum. We recommend Express Tracked as it is the fasted option we have been given.
Customs and Taxes
Please note that all international customers are responsible for customs/duties/taxes in their own country. Please contact your local postal service to determine what the costs might be and please know that BTWT must declare the correct value by law. BTWT does not accept responsibility for customs fees/taxes/duties and each country has their own laws regarding this.

Afterpay (payment plan) information 

BTWT now offers Afterpay to Australian customers - just choose that option at check out. You are able to send your inclusions to us straight away.


Very important Refunds, order cancellations & store credit information

We have a strict no refunds policy, so please ensure you are able to send your inclusions to us within 6 weeks (maximum 8 weeks for beads) to avoid any disappointment. 

Inclusions MUST be sent within 6 weeks of ordering. (Please note that the exception to this is right now with regards to COVID 19 ... please send when it is safe to do so in your country).

There are very few circumstances in which we will actually refund, this is something we take case by case and only for orders which have not been created. In the instance that we do, there will be a 10% fee for Australian customers and 20% for overseas customers. This is something we will discuss with you if you are requesting a refund for special circumstances, and only be considered if it has been under 6 months since the order was placed. 

    If it has been 6 weeks since placing your order and you have not yet sent, you must contact us right away and we will proceed with issuing you a store credit to be used within a further 6 weeks if necessary.
      We will only issue store credit once per order.
        We reserve the right to automatically cancel any unfulfilled order older than 12 months with no refund or store credit given.
           We take no responsibility for change of mind, nor reading our website prior to ordering.
            We absolutely understand that life events like illness can happen, however the best way to avoid any disappointment is ensuring you are ready to proceed with packaging and sending at the time you confirm your order.

              What happens if i forgot that i placed an order 1/2/3 years ago and now want to send my package?

              For orders up to 12 months we will provide you with a store credit

              For orders that are 1-2 years old we will provide a store credit less 25% fee

              For orders 2 years old we will provide a store credit less 50% fee

              For orders 3 years plus we will offer a 10% discount on a new order

              The responsibility to send your package is with the customer. We are a small business and as such we pay for supplies/settings etc for that financial year based on the orders that come in that particular financial year. 

              Faults & repairs

              Please contact us at within 5 days of receiving your jewellery, with all relevant photo's & a description on what is at fault. 
                If it is found to be something which is at fault by us, we will require for you to post your item back to for a full inspection & repair within 4 weeks.

                  Any item which is to be at fault of the customer (accidental damage) we agree to take a look at this for you and help you find a solution to repair this at the customers expense. Please email us at

                  All repairs after 12 months are subject to fees and postage.

                    We aim to ensure all jewellery is inspected prior to packaging to rule out any possible faults. 


                      Once an order is placed

                      Can I add more items to an existing order?
                      Once your order is placed and materials are sent to us we cannot add to an existing order. You will be required to create a new order and send materials for this separately. You must write the order number associated with each separate order clearly on the outside and inside of the package to avoid confusion.

                      I haven’t sent my materials yet (please send within 6 weeks of ordering) Can I add to this order?

                      Yes, if you have made an order and haven’t yet sent within the 6 week guideline, you can purchase another design. Please ensure you send enough materials for all pieces and you MUST state all order numbers on the back of your envelope and inside your package to avoid confusion. 

                      I am moving house and I have an existing order, HELP!

                      Please always ensure you alert us straight away by emailing us at & we will update your details on your online order. We highly recommend using an alternative address if you think there's a possibility you may be on holidays/moving house in the 12 weeks post sending your package.  If you fail to alert us right away before we send your package, we take no responsibility.


                      Once your order is completed & sent home

                      How long does postage take from Beyond The Willow Tree to your home?
                      Australia - 3 - 5 working days express post
                      Overseas - 12 - 21 working days regular or tracked post
                      We ship packages home to you once a fortnight.

                      Please note that we cannot control postal times once it leaves us & best place to check on waiting time if you are concerned is with your local post office.

                      What do you do with remaining milk?
                      BTWT clearly labelled 'processed' milk and store for minimum 3 - 6 months AFTER a package has been sent home. This ensures a safety net as we understand there are a lot of women who are working from low supplies who wish to order again.


                      My jewellery doesn't look exactly like the one on the website..
                      This is absolutely normal given each piece BTWT works with is as individual as you are. Colours of all materials vary from person to person, so there will never be a piece which looks exactly like the next. Please remember each piece is handmade from start to finish, so won't be flawless like you receive from machine made items. If this is something that may be of concern please discuss with us first as handmade jewellery does not look like store bought, factory finished pieces.


                      What if I receive my package and I do not like it?

                      Please check our refunds policy in terms and conditions. Each piece is crafted with heart and soul by Melanie. Each piece takes time, and being handmade there is never a guarantee of a machine finish like something you will find in a store. We understand that each piece holds an emotional bond and connection, however as an artist, Melanie can only work with the materials she receives in a way that works for that particular piece. What you see on the website is a picture of someone else's finished piece, this may not be what you will exactly get - However possibly very close! 

                      Colours and textures play a huge part in how each piece will work, and by purchasing a design in our store, you are happy to purchase handmade (with love!) and accept there may be slight imperfections. 

                      In saying this, if there is something wrong with your order which clearly shows was a flaw that could have been managed (judged case by case), we will happily take a look at this and work with fixing your precious item for you. If you feel overly anxious about allowing another person to handle your items (with love and respect) to create your precious keepsakes with, then perhaps having us create for you right now isn't the best time.

                      We care dearly about our customers and their heart felt possessions.


                      Care Information


                      How durable is the jewellery?

                      All of these pieces are designed to be worn every day, however please treat them with care.

                      Please do not shower or swim with them on, or leave them sitting in direct sunlight. Chlorine can damage your jewellery. Saltwater can cause your jewellery to rust/tarnish.

                      Please protect your jewellery from any chemical or detergent as well as makeup/cosmetics/perfume/oil/moisturisers/shampoo and body wash/hairspray.
                      Your inclusions are sealed with a hard resin to protect them. Resin is a type of plastic that is durable however, as with any precious jewellery, it is advised to take care of your piece.

                      Please also avoid harsh chemicals, prolonged direct sunlight, hard pressure and temperature which may cause changes, as this may alter your piece - You will not be entitled to an exchange if there is changes to your jewellery which could have been avoided by the wearer.

                      Breast milk jewellery will not discolour as all milk is professionally preserved and has had the tick of approval by health officials.

                      Please remove your jewellery before having a spray tan or working in the dirt. Be mindful of your jewellery, as these are durable, yet precious keepsakes.
                      If you layer your rings/necklaces it can cause wear due to metal rubbing against metal.

                      Clean with a soft cloth regularly. Your natural body oils/skin cells etc can build up causing your jewellery to look dull so we recommend you gently clean it every few months.

                      If your jewellery is looking dull after time/wear/exposure please use a way polish like 'turtle wax' and cotton polishing cloth to bring it back to life. Please use a silver cloth for sterling silver pieces. Do not rub your jewellery roughly as it could become damaged over time.

                      Everybody has a unique skin PH level and that can affect how your jewellery wears. Things like perspiration, natural body oils etc contain acids and one person's chemistry might cause discolouration more than the next person. This is not a fault of the jewellery.

                      If you require to send your piece back to us for mending due to changes caused by the above, a clean, or a polish, please note that this will incur a service fee which is looked at case by case.


                        Other information

                        Why does it take so long?
                        Please be aware that each piece of handmade jewellery takes time.

                        All breast milk jewellery involves specially preserving to ensure your breast milk will remain the same as the day you receive it. We place all milk through an individual process of preservation which can take up to 10 days alone.

                        Packaging, sorting and labelling your arrived orders is very important and takes time to complete. Once we begin working with your items, there are many steps in setting up, pouring, mixing, drying, sanding and more. We understand your excitement, however please understand we work with the largest of volumes seen worldwide.

                        Once your order moves down the list in the order of received by me, and makes it to 'working with', this is where the setting up of each piece takes place. All setting, drying, sanding, polishing and photographing takes place.

                        This is not a 'quick turn around' process ... We are an in demand professional service used by families worldwide, which means it can take time for me to be working with your precious jewellery.

                        Please take into consideration that if you have a very large order, or one where you have not indicated your preferences clearly & we need to contact you, it may take an extra week to have your package out to you.

                        Each piece you buy from us is handmade with love and crafted so individually different. This means that no two products will ever be the same.

                        Although we put a lot of time and dedication into our work, there may be something which sets apart one piece from the next. It could be a small bubble, or a seam which is a little evident.

                        Buying handmade, means buying an extension of an artists expression. 
                        Each item you send us will also be different from the next person's, so please remember we cannot replicate an exact version of something you may see on our store as colours & materials will always vary. Thank you for choosing handmade.



                        Thank you and we hope you enjoy the Beyond The Willow Tree experience..