Frequently Asked Questions

  • Information to know before you place an order
  • Information on providing & sending materials
  • Lay-Buy's
  • Once an order is placed
  • Once your order is completed & sent home
  • Taking care of your jewellery & other information

Information to know before you place an order

Where are we located?

Queensland, Australia but we ship worldwide and have an official Australian Customs permit that allows you to send your BM/Placenta/Umbi to us from overseas. This is supplied to you after your order is placed.


How do I send my materials?

At the time of purchase an automatic email will be sent to you containing the password for our 'customer after purchase info pack' which appears on our website. This contains our address and all information needed to send your package safely to us including the Customs permit. Please check your junk folder if this email doesn’t appear within 1hr of purchase. The cost of sending your package to us varies but if you require a quote please ask your local post office how much a small padded mailer bag is to send to QLD, Australia.


How long does it take to make my order?

We work with an extremely high volume of orders, and currently this can take 8 - 10 weeks from the time it arrives to us until it is ready to be sent. We work as fast and efficiently as possible to have your beautiful jewellery home to you, however please be mindful that we are mother’s ourselves & are a very high in demand service creating everything by hand. The postal service can also vary in times that it takes to deliver so please keep this in mind prior to ordering.



Layby (payment plan) information 

BTWT now offers payment plans to help split the cost of your order over 3 months.

You have the option to choose this at check out and then a 3rd party company specialising in layby systems will deduct the payment on a particular date (this is shared with you upon check out).

Please note that BTWT is unable to change the date that payments are deducted nor can we expedite the process to make it faster. You can decide how often and when to set minimum and maximum (of 3 month) payments but please note we can not change this once you have checked out.

Upon check out you will be informed when payments will come out and it is a requirement that you have sufficient funds to meet this. Please note that layby payments are non refundable. You will only be able to send your inclusions once payment is completed in full. Please do ask us any questions prior to selecting the layby option.



What if I decide later on that I no longer want jewellery made yet I have placed an order ?


We have a strict no refunds policy, so please ensure you are able to send your inclusions to us within 6 weeks (maximum 12 weeks for beads). As majority of our customer's are overseas it actually costs us 50% more than what was paid to us to refund (because of our lovely dollar conversion). We do however offer store credit in most cases....

I wasn't able to send my inclusions, now what? We will offer you a store credit to be used within 6 months from issuing. You must contact us within 6 weeks of placing your order (12 weeks maximum).

We may cancel all orders where a customer has not contacted us and it has been over 12 months since the order was placed, so please ensure you contact us ASAP to avoid a disappointing experience.

Will we refund for genuine special circumstances? There are very few circumstances in which we will actually refund, this is something we take case by case. In the instance we do, there will be a 20% fee for Australia customers and 30% for overseas customers. This is something we will discuss with you if you are requesting a refund for special circumstances only.

How long do I have to send my package to you once I have ordered?

Packages sent to us with your inclusions MUST be sent within 6 weeks of ordering (ideally received by us within 8 weeks).

We do understand that life events like illness can happen. If your package is sent after 6 weeks with no prior email to discuss, we cannot promise we will have the needed supplies to create your order.

In that case we may need to issue you store credit for the amount paid in the form of a voucher to reorder with us. We will not refund for failing to send your package of inclusions to us in our timeframe.


What if after I place my order I change my mind?
Once you place your order, please know we cannot make changes as this can lead to confusion on our end and an unhappy experience for customers. Please make sure you are certain on your design choice before confirming your order. This includes flecks and shimmers.


What does it mean when an item is out of stock?

This means that we have placed a monthly limit on how many of these pieces we create each month for that particular style. Please check back at the start of the next month for it's availability.


Are you able to create a custom piece?
Sorry, we do not create custom designs as we work with an extremely high volume of orders, so time does not permit this.


Do you send back left over items?

We will only guarantee sending back remaining ashes, however please do not send any more than 2 tablespoons per package. If there is something irreplaceable you wish to include please do so knowing that we have no control over the postal service. We would rather you do not order/send all in this case as we cannot take responsibility for storing or sending home excess. We understand this means sometimes only a very small amount will be sent to us, we would rather this than have you upset if we use all you provide. Please only send us the required amount asked for in the product description.


If we live locally can we pick up and drop off?
Sorry we are unable to provide this service.


Can I mix items such as milk and placenta/umbilical together?

The only materials we will combine with milk is hair. Please note not all designs can hold milk & hair, so please check the design descriptions for this information.


Why can't i add flecks to my milk jewellery piece?

We recommended only using pearl/gold shimmer or Opal flecks when choosing milk jewellery pieces. The reason for not recommending other flecks has to do with their size and texture. The end result may not be smooth and 'jewel like' and as such we feel using fine shimmers (or Opal flecks) work better.


My friends and I would all like jewellery created, can we ship together?
Sorry, to avoid confusion we cannot combine orders.


What happens when I order a gift certificate?
You will receive an automatic email after purchase which contains your gift certificate code. You may print and/or email as you please. We suggest writing the code into a lovely card to be presented to the recipient.


Can European beads fit on Pandora bracelets?
yes, absolutely!


Postage costs (via Australia Post):

Australian Express tracked - $10.20
Australian express + tracked + Insured up to $299 - $15.05
Overseas - $AUD16.00 standard post NO TRACKING
Overseas - $AUD23 post WITH TRACKING
Overseas - $AUD38.32 Tracking with insurance up to $299


Information on providing & sending materials

If I am sending milk do I need to send my milk frozen?

Fresh, old, frozen or defrosted milk is fine to send.

Can you work with high lipase milk?

Yes absolutely! 

Will my milk go off ?
Breastmilk has amazing properties and does not spoil the way cow's milk would. It will keep beautifully for the process of creating your precious jewellery. We have been creating jewellery using breast milk since 2013 being sent from all over the world & have never had issues with breast milk travelling. You may send fresh, frozen or at room temperature but please do not send in ice etc.


How much is typically needed to create jewellery?

Breast milk - Typically 30ml for 1 - 3 pieces. Minimum 10ml for small pieces such as a ring.

Ashes - 1 teaspoon is enough for 1 - 3 pieces

Umbilical - Depending on the size, usually half of a dried umbilical stump. For small umbilical's usually the whole amount

Placenta - 1 - 2 capsules, or 1 teaspoons worth, for 1 - 4 pieces

Hair - See below.

Sand - Half a teaspoon for 1 - 2 pieces

Flowers - enough to cover around a teaspoon 


How much hair is needed for hair orders?

Please note that if you send us only strands of hair opposed to a similar thickness as shown (length minimum 1cm), we cannot guarantee your hair will be clearly seen in your jewellery.

Please try to stick to the recommended thickness example. We are aware not all customer's have much hair to supply us, please just be mindful of our efforts to place your precious hair as visible as possible in these circumstances.

Please be mindful on how much hair you send. If you are looking for a minimalist look, then please only send a small pinch of hair in which we will use all of in your design. If you send us an average amount of hair it will be up to the designer to use what she thinks is the appropriate amount to give the best look possible. 

No two pieces will ever look the same. Hair placement is always dependant on the hair's texture/colour/ type i.e straight hair will look different to hair with a wave or a curl.


If you have a current LayBy, please do not send your inclusions to us until after the final payment is made. If we receive your package before final payment is made then we reserve the right to return the package back to sender until payment is complete. Please read the above more detailed info on payment plans.

Thanks for understanding!



Once an order is placed

Can I add more items to an existing order?
Once your order is placed and materials are sent to us we cannot add to this existing order. You will be required to create a new order and send materials for this separately.  

I haven’t sent my materials yet (please send within 6 weeks of ordering) Can I add to this order?

Yes, if you have made an order and haven’t yet sent within the 6 week guideline, you can purchase another design. Please ensure you send enough materials for all pieces and you have stated all order numbers clearly within your package.

I am moving house and I have an existing order, HELP!

Please always ensure you alert us straight away by emailing us at & we will update your details on your online order. We highly recommend using an alternative address if you think there's a possibility you may be on holidays/moving house in the 10 weeks post sending your package.  If you fail to alert us right away before we send your package, we take no responsibility.


Once your order is completed & sent home

How long does postage take from Beyond The Willow Tree to your home?
Australia - 3 - 5 working days express post
Overseas - 12 - 21 working days regular or tracked post
We ship packages once a week.

Please note that we cannot control postal times once it leaves us & best place to check on waiting time if you are concerned, is with your local post office.

What do you do with remaining milk?
BTWT clearly labelled 'processed' milk and store for minimum 3 - 6 months AFTER a package has been sent home. This ensures a safety net as we understand there are a lot of women who are working from low supplies who wish to order again.


My jewellery doesn't look exactly like the one on the website..
This is absolutely normal given each piece BTWT works with is as individual as you are. Colours of all materials vary from person to person, so there will never be a piece which looks exactly like the next. Please remember each piece is handmade from start to finish, so won't be flawless like you receive from machine made items. If this is something that may be of concern please discuss with us first as handmade jewellery does not look like store bought, factory finished pieces.


What if I receive my package and I do not like it?

Please check our refunds policy in terms and conditions. Each piece is crafted with heart and soul by Melanie. Each piece takes time, and being handmade there is never a guarantee of a machine finish like something you will find in a store. We understand that each piece holds an emotional bond and connection, however as an artist, Melanie can only work with the materials she receives in a way that works for that particular piece. What you see on the website is a picture of someone else's finished piece, this may not be what you will exactly get - However possibly very close! 

Colours and textures play a huge part in how each piece will work, and by purchasing a design in our store, you are happy to purchase handmade (with love!) and accept there may be slight imperfections. 

In saying this, if there is something wrong with your order which clearly shows was a flaw that could have been managed (judged case by case), we will happily take a look at this and work with fixing your precious item for you. If you feel overly anxious about allowing another person to handle your items (with love and respect) to create your precious keepsakes with, than perhaps having us create for you right now isn't the best time.

We care about our customers and their heart felt possessions.


Care Information

How durable is the jewellery?

  • All of these pieces are designed to be worn every day, however please treat them with care.
  • Please do not shower or swim with them on, or leave them sitting in direct sunlight.
  • They are sealed with a hard resin to protect them. 
  • Resin is a type of plastic that is durable however, as with any precious jewellery, it is advised to take care of your piece.
  • Avoid excess water submersion & direct sunlight.
  • Please also avoid harsh chemicals, prolonged direct sunlight, hard pressure and temperature which may cause changes, as this may alter your piece - You will not be entitled to an exchange if there is changes to your jewellery which could have been avoided by the wearer.
  • Breast milk jewellery will not discolour as all milk is professionally preserved and has had the tick of approval by health officials.
  • Please remove your jewellery before having a spray tan or working in the dirt. Be mindful of your jewellery, as these are durable, yet precious keepsakes.
  • Clean with a soft cloth regularly 
  • If you require to send your piece to me for mending due to changes caused by the above, a clean, or a polish, this will incur a service fee which is looked at case by case.


Why does it take so long?
Please be aware that each piece of  handmade jewellery takes time. All breast milk jewellery involves specially preserving to ensure your breast milk will remain the same as the day you receive it. We place all milk through an individual process of preservation which can take up to 10 days alone. Packaging, sorting and labelling your arrived orders is very important and takes time to complete. Once we begin working with your items, there are many steps in setting up, pouring, mixing, drying, sanding and more. We understand your excitement, however please understand we work with the largest of volumes seen worldwide.

Once your order moves down the list in the order of received by me, and makes it to 'working with', this is where the setting up of each piece takes place. All setting, drying, sanding, polishing and photographing takes place.. This is not 'quick turn around' stuff! We are a very high in demand professional service by families worldwide, which means it can take time for me to be working with your precious jewellery.

Please take into consideration that if you have a very large order, or one where you have not indicated your preferences clearly & we need to contact you, it may take an extra week to have your package out to you.

Each piece you buy from us is handmade with love and crafted so individually different. This means that no two products will ever be the same. Although we put a lot of time and dedication into our work, there may be something which sets apart one piece from the next. It could be a small bubble, or a seam which is a little evident. Buying handmade, means buying an extension of an artists expression. 
Each item you send us will also be different from the next person's, so please remember we cannot replicate an exact version of something you may see on our store as colours & materials will always vary. Thank you for choosing handmade.

Thank you and we hope you enjoy the Beyond The Willow Tree experience..


Melanie & Beyond The Willow Tree team x