We ship worldwide, and accept AfterPay within Australia & NZ We ship worldwide, and accept AfterPay within Australia & New Zealand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the answers to all of our commonly asked questions

How do I send my materials?
After placing your order, you will receive instructions attached to your automated confirmation email, along with the password to our 'After purchase info pack'. If this email doesn't arrive to you within 15 minutes, please check your junk folder!
In the meantime, you can find a guide to sending each inclusion below;
Packaging Milk HERE
Cremation Ash HERE
Packaging Hair HERE
Umbilical & birth inclusions HERE
Tip; You aren't able to insure natural human & animal materials for a monetary value when sending them in the mail to us. Save a little money & just add signature on delivery if you would like the peace of mind. Our postal system has been incredibly reliable for us!!
We offer full insurance options for sending your completed jewellery home to you.

Where are you located?

Queensland, Australia. However, we ship WORLDWIDE and have done so since 2013. We have an official Australian Customs permit that allows you to send your materials to us from overseas. 

How long do I have to send my materials after purchase?

Inclusions must be sent within 6 weeks of ordering.

At 6 weeks we do send out an automated email to check if you have sent your items to us. If you haven't, please send within 2 weeks of this email.

**Please note that there is exception to this right now with regards to COVID 19 - please send ASAP when it is safe to do so in your country.

How long does it take to make my order?

Beautiful things take time, especially when they are lovingly and professionally handcrafted using both such organic & personal inclusions, with made to order high quality solid golds and silver jewellery.

Once your package arrives into the studio, it can take anywhere between 4 - 12 weeks for us to finalise and send home. Melanie, our sole creator and magic multi-tasker, is in the studio full-time most weeks to ensure we are working as efficient as possible. Our customers can use the  'Track your order' page to keep up to date.

We are both passionate creators & Mothers, with our core belief honouring balance.

How often do you post packages home?
Once per week to once per fortnight. We typically work in large volumes each fortnight, then post these completed packages home at the end of that two week period. Less volume weeks may see packages posted in 7 - 8 days.

I would like a custom design, is this possible? 

Sorry, we do not create custom designs as we work with an extremely high volume of orders and time does not permit this.

While we do have a wide variety of settings to choose from, we can not alter a style or change the shape of a stone etc unless specified in the listing.

Do you send back left over items?

We only guarantee sending home remaining cremation ash and umbilical. If we are working with hair or fur and are aware they are from someone who has sadly passed on, we will always include the left over fur or hair if there is any remaining.

We do not send back milk, either preserved or non preserved, and reserve the right to dispose of unused milk. We typically store some left over milk in the studio for a period of time after an order is complete, for peace of mind.

Please do not send us all that you have of any type of materials being used. We would rather you send a small amount than be disappointed that you no longer have any for safe keeping. 

Can I change my order if I change my mind?

Please make sure you are certain on your design choice, your ring size, and any potential shimmers or flecks, prior to purchasing. Once you place your order you will not be able to make changes. We begin the process with our jeweller to start creating your setting within typically 12hrs - 24hr, so cancelling or changing the design or size is not possible.

Ensure you have used the 'special instructions' box at checkout to add all sizing notes, engraving (only on specified designs), shimmers, and other choices. Please email us directly after purchase if you cannot find this box.

Do you offer AfterPay?
We do! However, AfterPay is currently set up for Australian residents only at this time.

I live locally can we pick up and drop off?
Sorry we are unable to provide this service. 

My friends and I would all like jewellery created, can we ship together?
Sorry, to avoid confusion we cannot combine orders.

What happens when I order a gift certificate?
You will receive an automatic email after purchase which contains your gift certificate code. You may print and/or email as you please. We suggest writing the code into a lovely card to be presented to the recipient.

Please note that gift cards are valid for 36 months from purchase date. If you require an extension please be sure to contact us before the expiration date.  

Once an order is placed

Can I add more items to an existing order that's being worked on?
Once your order is placed and materials are sent to us we cannot add to an existing order. You will be required to create a new order and send materials for this separately. You must write the order number associated with each separate order clearly on the outside and inside of the package to avoid confusion.

I haven’t sent my materials yet, can I add to this order?

Yes, if you have made an order and haven’t yet sent within the 6 week guideline, you can add another design. Please ensure you send enough materials for all pieces and you MUST state all order numbers on the back of your envelope and inside your package to avoid confusion. 

I am moving house and I have an existing order, HELP!

Please always ensure you alert us straight away by emailing us at beyondthewillowtree@outlook.com & we will update your details on your online order. We highly recommend using an alternative address if you think there's a possibility you may be on holidays/moving house in the 12 weeks post sending your package.  If you fail to alert us right away before we send your package, we take no responsibility.

What happens if I don't send my materials or take too long to do so?

We reserve the right to automatically cancel any unfulfilled order older than 12 months with no refund or store credit given if no communication is made.

    For orders older than 3 months, and up to 12 months, we will check your original design is available, or in our studio. If it is not, we will then give you a store credit to use within 30 days, minus a $10 admin fee.
    For orders that are 12 months to 2 years old, we will provide a store credit less 30% fee.
    For orders 2 years - 3 years old we will provide a store credit less 50% fee.
    For orders 3 years plus we will offer a 10% discount on a new order.
      We absolutely understand that life events like illness can happen, however the best way to avoid any disappointment is ensuring you are ready to proceed with packaging and sending at the time you confirm your order.
      We take no responsibility for change of mind, nor reading our website prior to ordering.The responsibility to send these materials is with the customer. We are a small business and as such, we pay for an ongoing list of resources and fees per order. It is extremely important for us to finalise an order at the fastest time possible.

      Once your order is completed & sent home

      How long does it take to arrive home once sent?

      Australia - 3 - 5 working days express post
      Overseas - 7 -14 working days express post

      Please note that we cannot control postal times, and the estimates above are based on current estimates.

      What about International customs tax charges?

      Some countries may have an Import tax & Import duty fee payable at the time of your packages arrival into your country. All countries within the EU incur this fee. For all other countries, please check the import tax & charges on your local government website.

      International customers are responsible for paying customs/duties/taxes in their own country, and Beyond The Willow Tree do not accept responsibility for these charges.

      My jewellery doesn't look exactly like the one on the website..
      This is absolutely normal! All natural elements we work with is as individual as you are. Colours of all inclusions vary from person to person, so there will never be one which looks exactly like the next. The use of shimmers and flecks may also not give the exact same effects or colour, but this is one of the reasons your keepsake is so special. It can never be exactly replicated.

      What about slight imperfections within the inclusion stone?

      We have been designing and handcrafting using these specific elements since 2013, however, even in our professional experience, there are times we may find a little bubble captured. Or perhaps some strands of hair that have moved during the curing process. We take pride and joy in what we do, and we work our absolute best to give you the most beautifully created keepsake we can.

      Each piece of jewellery is handmade from start to finish, so your inclusion stone may not be flawless, like that of a machine made stone.

      In saying this, if there is something wrong with your order which clearly shows was a flaw that could have been managed and avoided (judged case by case), we will be more than happy take a look at this and work with you to find a perfect solution!

      What if I receive my package and I do not like it?

      We understand that each piece holds an emotional bond and connection, however as an artist, Melanie can only work with the materials she receives in a way that works for that particular piece. What you see on the website is a picture of someone else's finished piece, this may not be what you will exactly get - However possibly very close! 

      Colours and textures play a huge part in how each piece will work, and by purchasing a design by us, you are happy for us to use our skills to create something special for you which is handmade, accepting there may be a slight imperfections. 

      Other information

      Why does it take so long?
      Please be aware that each piece of handmade jewellery takes time.

      All breast milk jewellery involves professionally preserving to ensure your milk will remain the same as the day you receive it. We do NOT use a craft project DIY method for preservation, hence taking that little extra time.

      Packaging, sorting and labelling your arrived orders is very important and takes time to complete. Once we begin working with your items, there are many steps in setting up, pouring, mixing, drying, sanding and more. We understand your excitement, however please understand we work with the largest of volumes seen worldwide.

      This is not a 'quick turn around' process ... We are an in demand professional service used by families worldwide, which means it can take time for me to be working with your precious jewellery.

      We care dearly about our customers and their heart felt possessions. If you feel overly anxious about allowing another person to handle your personal items at this time, then perhaps wait until you are most comfortable in doing so.

      Thank you and we hope you enjoy the Beyond The Willow Tree experience..