Jewellery care

How durable is the jewellery?

All of these pieces are designed to be worn every day, however please treat them with care.

Please do not shower or swim with them on, or leave them sitting in direct sunlight. Chlorine can damage your jewellery. Saltwater can cause your jewellery to rust/tarnish.

Please protect your jewellery from any chemical or detergent as well as makeup/cosmetics/perfume/oil/moisturisers/shampoo and body wash/hairspray.
Your inclusions are sealed with a hard resin to protect them. Resin is a type of plastic that is durable however, as with any precious jewellery, it is advised to take care of your piece.

Remove your jewellery prior to sleeping or exercise.

Please also avoid harsh chemicals, prolonged direct sunlight, hard pressure and temperature which may cause changes, as this may alter your piece - You will not be entitled to an exchange if there is changes to your jewellery which could have been avoided by the wearer.

Breast milk jewellery will not discolour as all milk is professionally preserved and has had the tick of approval by health officials.

Please remove your jewellery before having a spray tan or working in the dirt. Be mindful of your jewellery, as these are durable, yet precious keepsakes.
If you layer your rings/necklaces it can cause wear due to metal rubbing against metal.

Clean with a soft cloth regularly. Your natural body oils/skin cells etc can build up causing your jewellery to look dull so we recommend you gently clean it every few months.

If your jewellery is looking dull after time/wear/exposure please use a way polish like 'turtle wax' and cotton polishing cloth to bring it back to life. Please use a silver cloth for sterling silver pieces. Do not rub your jewellery roughly as it could become damaged over time.

Everybody has a unique skin PH level and that can affect how your jewellery wears. Things like perspiration, natural body oils etc contain acids and one person's chemistry might cause discolouration more than the next person. This is not a fault of the jewellery.

With regards to necklaces/chains we recommend to take care when wearing your chain with knits or any fabric that can catch and pull. Please get your chain inspected by a jeweller every 6 months. Please check your chain for pulls and any damage frequently. We recommend to remove your chain before sleeping to ensure it does not get pulled or stretched.

If you require to send your piece back to us for mending due to changes caused by the above, a clean, or a polish, please note that this will incur a service fee which is looked at case by case.