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Shimmers & Flecks

Beyond The Willow Tree offers a range of free shimmers and flecks which you may add to your keepsake jewellery to create a shimmery colourful effect.

How to request flecks and shimmers?
Add your choice of flecks and shimmers in the special instructions box in your cart. If you cannot find this section, please email us after your purchase & we will add this for you.

Specify your shimmer choice and flecks choice in this box. eg - Vena Amoris with ashes, gold shimmer & dark opal flecks.
If you would like your materials set without shimmers or flecks, you may write plain, or just leave blank.

You can find our recommendations and examples specific to your inclusion type via our drop down menu under our flecks and shimmers menu.

Tip - Write 'subtle/minimal' or 'a more jewelled look' for your choice of shimmers & flecks if you have a certain finish in mind. We have many years of experience with such materials, so feel free to leave it up to our creative judgement if you are undecided.

*Birth inclusions examples such as umbilical and placenta are coming soon! In the meantime, please check our Instagram or Facebook page for examples

Flecks and shimmers for keepsakes





Each piece you buy from us is handmade with love and crafted so individually different. This means that no two products will ever be the same. Although we put a lot of time and dedication into our work, there may be something which sets apart one piece from the next. It could be a small bubble, or a seam which is a little evident. Buying handmade, means buying an extension of an artists expression. 
Each item you send us will also be different from the next person's, so please remember we cannot replicate an exact version of something you may see on our store as colours & materials will always vary. Thank you for choosing handmade.