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FAQs & Information on purchasing umbilical or placenta jewellery


How do I collect my childs umbi?

If you have a new born baby, we advise to allow the umbilical to detach naturally, then place it in a well ventilated dry space for minimum 4 weeks prior to sending. For those with older children, this process would've taken place already and is ready to package! 

Please never send us fresh, non dried, umbilical. This has happened before and we reserve the right to charge a fee for handling and preparation. 

How do i package it?

Please wrap in tissue paper and place into a paper envelope, or alternatively pop it into a tiny zip lock bag. As long as the umbilical is labelled with your name and possibly the childs name (if more than one umbi is being sent), then the way you package is up to you.

How much umbilical is required?

Depending on size of the stump, Usually 1/4 to 1/2 half of a dried umbilical stump for small to medium pieces & a whole stump for multiple larger pieces.

What happens to my left over umbilical?

We will always only snip off the amount in which is required for the design that it is being used in. Any remaining umbilical will always be sent back in the packaging it was sent in (within our jewellery packaging), or within a tiny zip lock bag with your jewellery. 

Please never send all that you have. We always advise to snip a little off before sending to keep safely at home.

Please also detach any umbilical clips and keep these stored safe at home. If we do receive a clip attached, we will return this home with your completed order.

Can we have more than one umbi set into a design?

YES! We can add multiple umbi's to the same piece of jewellery. Please label each name to match each umbilical. We will remove what is needed from each.

Can I use umbi which is old?

Absolutely! We have worked with umbilical which was over 20 years old. As this material is naturally air dried, it is perfect to create with, no matter the age.


How to prepare placenta for a keepsake?

If you are planning on encapsulating -

Put aside 2 capsules from this process.
    If you aren't encapsulating -
    Remove an amount equivalent to your thumb while it is fresh or partly frozen. A little does go along way, so please don't worry if you have much less!
    Use a dehydrator on a setting and time which will thoroughly dry until this piece snaps easily.
    If you don't have a dehydrator, please google on alternate methods of dehydration.

      Please do not send us placenta which is fresh. It must be fully dehydrated or in capsule form.

      We cannot work with placenta which has been treated with formaldehyde I'm sorry.

      How much is required?

      1 - 2 capsules, or the piece you have dehydrated as above. 

      How to package

      Please package using the same guide as umbilical

      Can i use placenta that is old?

      YES! Age does not matter. As long as a piece has been dehydrated prior to sending, or has been stored in capsules, we can work with any age placenta.

      If you have had your placenta stored in a freezer for many years, we can also use this! Please partially thaw to help soften for removal of a small section, then follow the guide above.

      We can not accept non-dehydrated placenta.