Cancellation & refund information

Inclusions MUST be sent within 6 weeks of ordering. (Please note that the exception to this is right now with regards to COVID 19 ... please send when it is safe to do so in your country).
After 6 weeks we do send out an automated reminder to your email address provided.
    If it has been 6 weeks or more since placing your order and you have not yet sent your inclusions to us, please contact us right away to let us know.  We may need to issue you a store credit.
      We will only issue store credit once per order.
        We reserve the right to automatically cancel any unfulfilled order older than 12 months with no refund or store credit given.
          We take no responsibility for change of mind, nor reading our website prior to ordering.
            We absolutely understand that life events like illness can happen, however the best way to avoid any disappointment is ensuring you are ready to proceed with packaging and sending at the time you confirm your order.
            We do not issue refunds for change of mind, and/or for any other reason which results in cancelling your order. 
            Once you pay for our services, we start the process of purchasing materials related to your order, along with paying our jeweller for their extended services to handcraft your ring setting for us, and all other costs involved while we await your inclusions to be sent by you. 
            We are a handmade to order service, which means we are offering a truly individual bespoke service from the very beginning to the very end. It is necessary for you to supply your materials to us to make it possible for us to finalise the service paid for. 
              What happens if i forgot that i placed an order 1/2/3 years ago and now want to send my package?
              For orders older than 3 months, and up to 12 months, we will provide you with a store credit where applicable. If you have chosen a made to order design, we may have your jewellery settings in our studio, so a store credit may not be necessary.
              For orders that are 1-2 years old we will provide a store credit less 25% fee
              For orders 2 years - 3 years old we will provide a store credit less 50% fee
              For orders 3 years plus we will offer a 10% discount on a new order
              The responsibility to send your package is with the customer. We are a small business and as such we pay for supplies/settings etc for that financial year based on the orders that come in that particular time & financial year.