Cancellation & refund information

When placing an order please ensure you have read our website thoroughly and you understand our process and any relevant information which could apply to your order.
Beyond The Willow Tree does not offer cancellations or refunds in any case.
As of March 2020, our web host provider no longer refunds fees incurred from each order, meaning, not only do us as a small business have to pay a refund fee, but we no longer receive the order fees back which was charged to us at the time the order was made.
This includes, payment fees of almost 3%, currency conversion fees of 2%, and GST of these fees.
Also, our team begins the process of purchasing materials and paying our jeweller to begin working on your jewellery setting within 12-24hrs of placing your purchase, so a full refund is non negotiable, sorry. 
Store credit will be given only in special circumstances.
For orders older than 3 months, and up to 12 months, we will check your original design is available, or in our studio. If it is not, we will then give you a store credit to use within 30 days, minus a $10 admin fee.
We do not offer refunds on completed handcrafted jewellery. If you are unhappy with the final look, please email us at within 7 days of receiving your order, along with any supporting photos, and we are more than happy to discuss this with you.
Any orders where a customer has not sent their inclusions to us within 12 months will be automatically cancelled with no refund or store credit given, and ruled as failure to supply due to something beyond our control.
We absolutely understand that life events like illness can happen, however, the best way to avoid any disappointment is ensuring you are ready to proceed with packaging and sending at the time you place your order.
The responsibility to send inclusion materials for us to be able to fulfill our part of this service is with the customer. It is extremely important for us to finalise an order in the fastest time possible. 

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