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Breastmilk shimmers & flecks

Breast milk can naturally vary from bright white, creamy, to yellowy undertones, and depending on the ratios we use for each individual order, the depth of the stone can vary from a more opaque look to a deep milky appearance. 
We aim to work with your natural tones and our experience, to create the most beautifully balanced stone possible.

We offer pearl shimmer, gold shimmer, or our brand new choice, moonstone shimmer, which is reserved for milk and/or hair only.

Gold shimmer has the ability to add a slight yellow tone, so please note that we will add only an amount we feel will compliment your milks natural tone.

We will only ever add light opal flecks as they are spectacular when combined with milk.
We cannot offer any other colour fleck to your milk as we have extensive experience in working with milk and the effects of flecks, and other flecks will add a muddied and unnatural tone to your milk.

Our recommendation?
Light opal flecks & pearl shimmer, or moonstone shimmer

breast milk & gold shimmer
breast milk & opal flecks
plain breast milk
breast milk and pearl shimmer
breast milk & moonstone