Sending, packaging & customs information

Thank you for choosing Beyond The Willow Tree to handcraft this very special keepsake for you.
Below we have provided a guide on how to package and send your inclusions to us, along other relevant information. 

1. Gather your inclusions

If you are sending something irreplaceable, please do not send all you have. Beyond The Willow Tree cannot take responsibility of what happens to your package in transit. 

We understand this means sometimes only a very small amount will be sent to us. We would rather this than have you upset if we use all you provide. We can only be responsible for your package once it has reached us. We have no control over the postal service.

2. Package your inclusions as followed 

Information about cremation ash:

Please do not send all of the ashes you have, and please send no more than 1 full tablespoons unless you are having multiple larger pieces created (such as beads) and require more.

Information on milk: 

Please do not send more than 50ml as it will be seized by customs when sending to us internationally.
Do not send in cooler boxes, with ice packs, or in anything large, as this creates unnecessary waste.
Although your milk will not be fit to consume, it will remain perfect for processing and preserving for the use of keepsake jewellery upon arrival.

Information on hair/fur:

If you send us only a few strands of hair opposed to a similar thickness as shown below, we cannot guarantee your hair will be clearly seen in your jewellery.
If you are looking for a minimalist look - Please write 'use a minimal amount of hair'
If you send us an average amount of hair, it will be up to the designer to use what she thinks is the appropriate amount to give the best look possible.

No two pieces will ever look the same. Hair placement is always dependant on the hair's texture/colour/ type i.e straight hair will look different to hair with a wave or a curl.
Baby hair works best for a curved/curled effect within a design, whereas, older children to adults typically lay straight and is hard to curl into a design. This can effect the appearance of the finished piece, so please understand we will work with the hair supplied in the best possible way.

    Information on birth inclusions:

    Please ensure you are sending completely dried inclusions such as an umbilical which has been air dried naturally for at least 6 weeks after birth. Other birth inclusions such as placenta must be sent in capsule form or a 50c sized piece completely dehydrated.

      3. Add your notes

      Add a little note inside your package with your name and any relevant flecks & shimmers.
      We also ask that flecks & shimmer requests are added at the time of ordering (at checkout). If you haven't added your request for these at the time you placed your order, please email us now so we can add them to your order.

      4. International customers only

      If you are in Australia please skip to step 5.

      If you are sending milk or birth inclusions from outside of Australia, you must print and sign our customs form. This ensures safe arrival to us.
      Click HERE to print and sign, then pop it inside your package.

      You do not need to print this form if you are within Australia, or are sending only hair &/or ashes from outside of Australia.

      On the outside, please write "materials for jewellery making purposes", and;
      "Attention customs  0008539374' on the front of the package.

      Print, fill out, sign your permit, and then place it inside your package.

      Suppliers name/address/phone number - Write your details here as you are the supplier.

      "Suppliers invoice number" - This is your 4 digit order number which will be attached to the confirmation email after purchase.

      You can read more information about this permit at the bottom of the page if you feel you need to.

      5. Place your items within a padded mailer.

      We advise using a small padded envelope which is bubble lined inside. You can purchase these from your local post office and they are inexpensive.
      Please don't send us overly large boxes.
      Consider which post option is best for you - Tracked, non tracked, express, registered etc.
      Please don't purchase postage insurance for your materials being sent to us - All human materials i.e milk, hair etc are non insurable. Postal insurance is only valid on completed jewellery (if this method of postage has been selected at checkout) 

        6. Label your package and send

         Information on couriers:

        Couriers cannot deliver directly to a post office box, and also require special instructions in regards to imports while at customs - Which may incur a $100 fee if done incorrectly. For these reasons, we ask that you please only use your county's local carrier and do not send via couriers such as FedEx, Toll, etc..

        7. Check your order status

        Once sent, please check THIS page for the arrival of your package to us. We update the list every Monday/Tuesday. The password is BTWT2016.

        As each piece is individually hand crafted, our turn around times can vary between 6-12 weeks from when we receive your package, NOT from when you place your order. We thank you for your amazing patience!


        Moving house or change of address?

        Email us right away at and we will update your shipping address.
        Please do not write that you are changing your address in your package of materials you send. It has to be emailed to us as we have separate systems in place. If you don't hear back fro m us within 72hrs to confirm, please contact us again.
        We cannot guarantee a change if your order is already being worked on.

        Flecks and shimmer changes

        This MUST be done before you send your package. If you change your mind post sending we can not guarantee that the changes can be made. 

        How long will it take?

        Please visit THIS page to keep up to date with your order. Our timings are 6-12 weeks from when we get your package to sending home. This is not from when you place your order but from when we get your package.

        How often do you post packages home?

        Our postal run typically happens once per fortnight.

        What happens when my package is posted?

        We will send an email notification at the time your package has been scanned out and on it's way to the post office. If there is any unexpected delays, we will check your order out as soon as possible.

        Once posted by Beyond The Willow Tree, how long will it take to arrive?

        Within Australia via express up to 4 working days
        Worldwide - 14 to 21 working days 
        Please note that we can not control the postal service. As long as the customs permit is signed/enclosed and the above instructions are followed there should be no issue with your package reaching us but please do note that we are a business that is outside of the postal service.
        We do highly recommend you choose tracked postage for your peace of mind.

        Customs and Taxes

        Please note that all international customers are responsible for any customs/duties/taxes in their own country.
        Please contact your local postal service to determine what the costs might be.
        Beyond The Willow Tree does not accept responsibility or costs for customs fees/taxes/duties, and each country has their own laws regarding this.

        Other international permit information

        This permit is only required for international customers sending milk or birth inclusions - No other inclusions require this permit.

        Permit conditions/info for breast milk

        The permit says..
        "The breast milk supplied has been sterilised at a minimum temperature of 121 degrees for 15-20 minutes"  
        What this means for you:
        Before sending, you can place your milk in a pan, stir milk for 15 seconds on a low heat, DO NOT BOIL, allow to cool then place in the bag read to send. 
        This is not overly important as we do preserve milk prior to working with it.
        Failing to add this permit to your package will result in your package being returned to you by Australian customs. This will effect the time in creating your jewellery for you so don't forget to sign and include the permit within your package.

        We look forward to creating your jewellery for you soon!

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        Melanie & Roshnee.