FAQs & Information on purchasing hair keepsake jewellery

How much hair is typically required to create jewellery?

We require minimum 1cm of hair, and enough to pinch between 2 fingers. Please note that for the less hair sent, the chances are only a few strands may be used. If you are in doubt and do have excess to spare, please feel free to add 2 pinches into your package to us.

We will only use the amount which seems suitable for your jewellery setting.

If you are looking for a minimalist look, than only send a small pinch of hair in which we will use all of in your design. If you send us an average amount of hair, it will be up to the designer to use what she thinks is the appropriate amount to give the best look possible. 

No two pieces will ever look the same. Hair placement is always dependant on the hair's texture/colour/ type i.e straight hair will look different to hair with a wave or a curl.

IMPORTANT - Baby hair works best for a curved/curled effect within a design. Older children to adults typically lay straight and is hard to curl into a design. This can effect the appearance of the finished piece, so please understand we will work with the hair supplied in the best possible way.

Can I add more than one persons hair to a design?

YES! We can add many different family members hair or animals fur to your piece.

Please keep in mind that when combining more than one persons hair, the strands are more likely to stick together and blend. 

The hair I am sending is light blonde/white/grey. Will I be able to see it?

Please note that grey & light blonde hair risk being unseen due to the light tones & how they can react in the materials we use to set each stone. We are happy to use our experienced creative judgement when working with light blonde & grey hair, however, please understand the natural tone of hair is out of our control. You can find white & light blonde hair examples on our flecks & shimmers page.

How to package hair?

Placing hair strands into a piece of folded foil & taped over is preferred, however folding your supplied hair in tissue paper before placing into a paper envelope & labelled with your name is also very welcomed!

For more than one persons hair being added, please package separately using the guide above.

Is remaining hair sent back home? 

We do not send remaining hair back home, nor do we hold on to any hair left over in the studio, so please only send what is needed if it cannot be replaced. 

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