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Scattered stone keepsake necklace - customised gemstone selection

Scattered stone keepsake necklace - customised gemstone selection

Our Scattered stone keepsake necklace is quite a unique design, and one of our few designs which allow you to customise even more to suit your style. 

All of our gemstones used are genuine natural stones. We do not use lab-grown or imitation stones in any of our jewellery, unless very clearly stated otherwise.

Guide to adding your choice of gemstones

Ensure you have added your Scattered stone keepsake pendant to your cart first.

Select your choice of gemstones from the drop down menu, then add to cart.

There is nothing more you will need to do as your selection has been added to your order and we will receive this customisation at the time of ordering.

Tips for combining more than one gemstone

Birthstones are a lovely idea when combining more than 1 choice of gemstone.

Think about the tones which may look great together - Use google as a guide to gemstone combinations examples you may have in mind.

Is appearance more important than significance? 

You can find our gemstone guide at THIS link


If we do not have an example of a particular gemstone set into this necklace, this means we have not yet worked with a gemstone of this type in our Scattered stone keepsake necklace as yet, and don't have an example piece, sorry.

Ethics & sustainability
We are committed to ethical sourcing and environmental sustainability, including the use of only ethically sourced genuine gemstones, and the use of recycled precious metals. 
When you purchase this design from us, you can be assured the metals and gemstones in your jewellery have been made under a certified member of the RJC, and certified recycled precious metals under CSC certification.
Every mined diamond we use complies with the Kimberly Process.

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