Breast Milk European bead

$140.00 AUD

Each European bead has been professionally preserved and hand crafted from your own breast milk and secured into a beautiful bead which can be worn on either a chain or a bangle of your choice. Each bead fits perfectly onto any regular European bead bangles and necklaces, such as Pandora. 


When placing your order, please include the exact following details within your package to us. Please ensure you read all following information before placing your order.

  • shimmer of choice

Amount of inclusions to send 

  • Breast milk - 30ml

Flecks and Shimmer

  • You have the choice of plain, pearl shimmer or gold shimmer.
  • The only flecks we will add to your milk on request is light opal, or 'milk opal'. We don't recommend any other flecks to be added to milk sorry.

Measurements of our beads-

14mm width, 9mm height, 5mm hole width



 Each piece you buy from us is handmade with love and crafted so individually different. This means that no two products will ever be the same. Although we put a lot of time and dedication into our work, there may be something which sets apart one piece from the next. It could be a small bubble, or a seam which is a little evident. Buying handmade, means buying an extension of an artists expression. 

Each item you send us will also be different from the next person's, so please remember we cannot replicate an exact version of something you may see on our store as colours & materials will always vary. Thank you for choosing handmade.

 Please note we have a no refunds policy and as such we encourage you to read our FAQ page and ask any questions prior to ordering HERE

What does it mean when an item is out of stock?

This means that we have placed a monthly limit on how many of these pieces we create each month for that particular style. Please check back at the start of the next month for it's availability.

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