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Birthstone contour band in sterling silver

sterling silver birthstone ring with custom stones
  • sterling silver birthstone ring with custom stones
  • Birthstone contour band in sterling silver
This stunning contour band has been designed especially for adding a personal & meaningful touch to your keepsake ring.
If you have ever gifted or have been given birthstone jewellery, you are following a tradition that dates back to the first century AD. Originally, the wearers believed that birthstones had special powers, such as healing, love & strength. Now in modern-day times, some see them as either a way to express their individuality or believe that the way they wear their birthstones can have a subtle effect on their health and spiritual well-being. 
Set within this beautiful 925 sterling silver contour band are 6 genuine birthstones of your choice, and one genuine diamond featured as the centre stone. 
Please note that the 6 birthstones must be of the same variety. We are not able to do 6 different stones.
Due to the shape and size of this band, we advise you to only pair with the following rings in our store, as pairing with other rings either do not fit flush or they, unfortunately, do not suit the type of band. Click on the following rings to open in a new window.


We offer our Birthstone contour band in all sizes between US size 4 - 9, including half sizes. If you require a half size, please add this note at checkout, or alternatively, email us after the purchase with this note and we will attach it to your order for you.


Please note that this ring comes with the centre diamond and ONE other birthstone on the sides. We are not able to offer any further customisation to this design.

Ordering this contour band on its own without one of our keepsake bands?

This is absolutely fine! Please note that each ring is individually made to order, so with this, it means there will be an approx 4 - 5 week wait for completion & for us to send your ring home to you. 

If you are ordering this contoured ring as a part of your keepsake order, your rings will arrive together as a set, once your keepsake ring has been completed in the standard average timeframe listed on our website. 

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