Cremation ash tones, flecks & shimmer recommendations

Shimmer & fleck recommendations

When flecks and/or shimmer has been requested, we add a standard amount using our own experienced judgement, unless requested otherwise. 

Very subtle shimmer on it's own enhance the natural look without much sparkle - You can request "very small amount of shimmer" for this effect.
Heavier amount of shimmer gives a jewelled look & much sparkle - You can request "Jewelled appearance".

Light ashes
Light ashes are tones ranging from bright white and uniform in colour, to a general lightness in colour with small specks of some browns and blacks. Light ashes can have tones of yellow, pinks, orange & cream.

Shimmer - Pearl or gold shimmer look beautiful on their own or with flecks with this tone of ashes. 
Flecks - Light ashes best suit any of our light flecks such as light opal, light blue/pink/purple, rose gold. Generally, all light tones.

Medium ashes
Medium ashes are tones which appear in between light and dark, and are typically a light brown or dark orange. 

Shimmer - Pearl or gold shimmer look beautiful on their own or with flecks with this tone of ashes. 
Flecks - Medium ashes best suit the same recommendations as light ashes

Dark ashes
Dark ashes are tones predominantly ranging typically from dark browns to black. Some dark tones may have light fragments scattered throughout.

Shimmer - Gold shimmer compliments dark cremation ash the best as it creates a beautiful golden sparkle that blends in effortlessly. Pearl shimmer does also incorporate into ashes nicely.
Flecks - Dark ashes best suit any of our dark flecks such as dark opal, dark blue/green/pink, flamingo, Ocre & peacock. 

One of the best flecks for dark ashes is light opal. It gives a very similar effect to dark opal, however, with a higher light refraction.

Ashes & Onyx effect
We typically see more medium to light ashes naturally occur, and sometimes even golden. If you would like a darker shade to mimic dark ashes, please request "Onyx to darken". You will still maintain the natural textures of your loved ones cremation ash, however, in a darker tone.

Our personal recommendation for any tone?
Light opal, gold shimmer & any extra colour base such as pink, green, blue, etc..

Please note that all natural inclusions are as individual as the person, and no two pieces will ever look the same. What may look bright and colourful in someone else's keepsake stone may look quite different in yours. This mainly applies for materials such as ashes, where colour differences can vary significantly. We will always aim to create the perfect balance of tones & effects in your chosen materials.

We can not control how the flecks/shimmers set within the stone. Some may be an even spread, other times the shimmers can settle together. Each combination will look different depending on how it settles.

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