'Pure' Keepsake stone

'Pure' Keepsake stone
  • 'Pure' Keepsake stone
  • 'Pure' Keepsake stone
  • 'Pure' Keepsake stone
$170.00 AUD

Many customers have an existing ring/pendant setting that has been in their family  for years or differs to what we offer and as a result we are now listing these beautiful 'pure' keepsake stones.

We create them with love and send home to you, allowing you to have it placed in the setting of your choice.

We have the following stone sizes you may choose from below 

Oval 9 x 13mm

Oval 8 x 10mm

Round faceted 8mm

Round smooth 8mm

Each stone is set as a cabochon, which means they are flat on one side, making it easy for you to have set into an array of custom settings you can source elsewhere

Inclusions to choose from 

  • Breast Milk (milk opal is the only flecks we will set with milk. Pictured on this listing is gold flecks after special request)
  • Breast milk & hair
  • Ashes
  • Umbilical
  • Placenta
  • Hair only - With a choice of pearl or gold shimmer, and/or light opal flecks.

How much of my materials are required

Breast milk - 20ml - 30ml

Ashes - 1/4 teaspoon

Umbilical - 1/2 of one umbilical stump

Placenta - 1 capsule or equivalent

Hair - minimum 1cm 


Please also note that hair will move to it's natural shape. If the hair is baby hair, this is usually fine and very pliable. Older children's hair or adults tend to be more coarse and may not sit as well in this ring. Commonly more mature hair will appear as a straight line of hair opposed to a curl.

Please note that it is important your stone doesn't come into contact with heat as it will damage your stone. Please read full care instructions and other important details on our FAQ page here:



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