Sterling Silver Breast Milk Ring

$170.00 AUD

Important - Please note the only sizes available are the one's in our drop down menu (no half sizes avail)

These beautiful Sterling Silver rings have been professionally handmade in the United States and then filled with your own precious breast milk which has been professionally preserved by myself at Beyond The Willow Tree.

Each milk stone is lovingly crafted from your own breast milk, set permanently to wear for years to come, a unique and beautiful keepsake which will be forever close to your heart.

Your ring is 100% waterproof and is safe to wear every day, however please look after your ring by avoiding handling harsh chemicals while wearing or anything else you feel may make an impact on your special ring.

All rings of this style have been finished by hand rolling the stone in place to secure and ensure your stone will not dislodge. This means your setting may not be 100% machine  looking (so perfectly rounded) and there may be slight evidence it is handmade with love. This is a part of the process and there is no other way than using our special hand rolling tool around your stone. If you would like something 100% machine finished, please refer to our solid gold "Vena Amoris" ring.

Please let me know via your notes at checkout if you would like pearl shimmer, gold shimmer or no shimmer.

Approx. 15ml will be required to create each ring.


Important info:   please note we have a no refunds policy and as such we encourage you to read our FAQ page and ask any questions PRIOR to ordering:

Ring guide 
Please measure the inside diameter of a current ring you wear on the finger you would like to wear your ring on.

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