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Le Stelle keepsake ring

Le Stelle keepsake ring
  • Le Stelle keepsake ring
  • Le Stelle keepsake ring
  • Le Stelle keepsake ring
  • Le Stelle keepsake ring
  • Le Stelle keepsake ring
  • Le Stelle keepsake ring
  • Le Stelle keepsake ring
  • Le Stelle keepsake ring
  • Le Stelle keepsake ring
  • Le Stelle keepsake ring
$675.00 AUD

Our stunning Le Stelle keepsake ring is pure magic and undeniably unique!

Set with 2 stunning Moissanites to give you the ultimate sparkle!  Moissanite has over twice the dispersion value of a diamond, which means that it has a greater display of spectral colours that is visible when you rotate the stone. The result is a rainbow-like effect, while diamonds reflect whiter light.

Each ring is custom created especially for you!


Your inclusions are set within the 5mm stone setting.

Tip of star to the bottom - 9mm


Available in full and half sizes between size 4 - size 9.

Please let us know right away after purchasing if you require a half size.

Larger or smaller sizes than specified here are not available, sorry.

Amount of inclusions to send

Breast milk 10ml
Ashes 1/4 of a teaspoon (please do not send more than this)
1 placenta capsule or equivalent 
1/4 umbilical stump
Hair - Cannot be added to this design, sorry

When placing your order, please include the exact following details in the special instructions section at checkout. If you cannot find this section at checkout, please email us after your purchase & we will add this for you. Please note that you must email us immediately with any additional details.


Optional notes..

Shimmers and flecks - Only if requesting shimmers or flecks effects, otherwise please state 'plain' or leave blank.

Confirmation of size - Only if requesting half sizing

Flecks and Shimmer

You have the choice of plain, pearl shimmer or gold shimmer.
The only flecks we will add to your milk on request is light opal, or 'milk opal'. We don't recommend any other flecks to be added to milk sorry.
For the full range of flecks and shimmers for all pieces, click HERE

Ethics & sustainability
We are committed to ethical sourcing and environmental sustainability, including the use of only ethically sourced genuine gemstones, and the use of recycled precious metals.
When you purchase this design from us, you can be assured the metals and gemstones in your jewellery have been made under a certified member of the RJC, and certified recycled precious metals under CSC certification.
Every mined diamond we use complies with the Kimberly Process.


Your natural materials which we work with, such as ashes, hair, and milk, all come in an array of tones and colours. Your inclusion materials are as unique as you are and vary from person to person. What you see on our website is an example of the design, however, the main stone will always vary in textures and colours.

We don't add anything to change the colour or consistency to your provided materials unless you are choosing effects such as flecks & shimmers.

Flecks and shimmers dance around and settle in their own way, a way we can not predict or change. We don’t see these as flaws or imperfections. We see them as unique and amazing just like the inclusions you send us.

Please note we have a no-refunds policy and as such we encourage you to read our FAQ page and ask any questions PRIOR to ordering: HERE


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