La Luna talisman crystal pendant

La Luna talisman crystal pendant
  • La Luna talisman crystal pendant
  • La Luna talisman crystal pendant
  • La Luna talisman crystal pendant
  • La Luna talisman crystal pendant
$580.00 AUD

This beautiful crystal is a collaboration between Bridee at Wild Charm Jewellery, and ourselves at Beyond The Willow Tree. 

Each crystal holds your own inclusions within the top of each pendant.

We will not take reserves sorry and will be available as first in to follow through at checkout

You can see more of Bridees work below

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Under the night sky talisman crystal was created using some of the earths most beautiful materials, including silver and genuine raw quartz, which was handpicked and sliced personally by Bridee. Lovingly handmade within her studio, this design is now in our own loving hands and ready for us to begin the creation of a little piece of magic.

Under the night sky features a sweet little copper La Luna within the front of the pendant.

All Talisman pendants in which Wild Charm Jewellery has created for us contain a bezel on top of the cap. This is where your inclusions will be permanently set.


Quartz (including sterling silver cap - Not including large cap ring) height - 30mm

Quartz width - 18mm

Bezel height (this is where your inclusions will be set) - 3.5mm

Bezel width - Oval 12mm x 7mm

Sterling silver ring  (large ring attached to the sterling silver cap) 29mm x 21mm

Each pendant comes on it's own chain, with this chain measuring the longest at 32cm


We can set the following materials into this design 


Hair only - This stone will contain light opal flecks with pearl shimmer. (minimum 1cm)

Ashes (1/4 teaspoon)

Milk (20ml)

Umbilical (1/2 of an umbilical stump)

Placenta (1 capsule or equivalent)

We won't be setting hair and milk into this design sorry.


Please specify which flecks and shimmers you would desire at our checkout and within your package. You will find our complete list HERE


About these designs

In September this year, we were lucky to connect with a local artist, Bridee for this collaboration of design. As a fulltime metalsmith herself, she was able to find a special little place for us, where she incorporated raw crystal quartz in which she carefully sliced herself, along with sterling silver, and a space to hold the most precious personal inclusions. Out of personal love for these elements and full creative autonomy, these pieces were made with so much love and care by Bridee.


No two crystals are ever the same and will always contain their own little natural flaws. 


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