Sterling silver keepsake locket ~ Your choice of filling - Discontinuing 14th of February

$170.00 AUD

Our gorgeous keepsake locket is an exclusive DNA design to Beyond the Willow Tree.
Finely crafted from sterling silver, this locket has the ability to capture your journey from within the front locket, containing your professionally preserved breast milk, ashes, umbilical, placenta & possibly more.
We can add hair and milk together to this locket.
Inside our locket holds 2 areas you may add photo's into to complete your own personalised keepsake locket.
Pictured as main photo - 4 umbilical's together with dark opal flecks & gold shimmer
Full diameter - 15mm
Setting area on front locket - 10mm
Inside diameter for each photo - 12mm (can hold 2 photo's)
How much of my materials are required
Breast milk - 20ml
Ashes - 1/2 teaspoon
Umbilical - A baby's umbilical stump from belly button
Placenta - 1/2 teaspoon or 1 capsule
Hair - 10mm length (This is for hair and materials only - We cannot set hair alone sorry)
Sand/Soil - 1/2 teaspoon
*Does not include chain

Important info:   please note we have a no refunds policy and as such we encourage you to read our FAQ page and ask any questions PRIOR to ordering:

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