Limited edition opal infusion ring

$310.00 AUD

This gorgeous piece is one of our first exclusive hair only pieces to add to our collection. Set with Australian opals & our own recreated opal to add to this gorgeous effect, with of course an added extra sparkle of shimmer! This ring which is a special complete handmade limited edition creation is designed to carry your loved one's hair forever 

This beauty is handmade solid sterling silver and features finely handset detailing which looks absolutely DIVINE.

Each stone is expertly crafted to ensure it will stay in place forever, holding your loved one's hair within a deep and solid setting.

Please note that as this is a limited edition & exclusive piece we are releasing, with only one size in very limited quantities (Size 8). This ring cannot be resized sorry. We are also unable to add different materials as this design is reserved for hair only & will be set to exactly, or very close to, this photo featured. Each ring will be crafted from genuine Australian opal, recreated opal & the choice of shimmers or plain. Sorry we cannot alter this setting.

Stone measurements - 13mm x 10mm

setting measurements - 20mm x 18mm

Size 8

Shimmer - Pearl (pictured), Gold, or plain. Please make a note at checkout

*There is no limit to the number of different hair used. For example we can set a family of 5 hair together.


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