Large silver drop keepsake pendant

$310.00 AUD

This gorgeous silver drop keepsake pendant is a limited edition design and an exclusive Beyond The Willow Tree piece.

Handmade by our team of professional silversmiths, this design is solid 925 sterling silver and created as the perfect everlasting piece to hold your inclusions. This design is quite deep, holding more of your inclusions safely and secure.

Attached to this gorgeous pendant is a bail on hinges, so it moves with your bodies natural movement. This bail is very securely fitted to give peace of mind on the safety of wearing such a precious keepsake.

Please remember all silver jewellery has the ability to tarnish when not being worn for an amount of time, however this is a natural and normal occurrence which is very easily polished with a simple polishing cloth.

Measurements - 

Pendant (without moving bail) 31mm

Pendant (with bail - Total measurement) 45mm

Width (largest width) 18mm 

Depth (before filled) 9mm 

Depth (filled with the stone) 10mm

When placing an order please specify these three things at checkout - Inclusion choice, Shimmers choice and Flecks choice (if any)

Inclusions -

Breast milk (pictured) -Require minimum 30ml

Ashes - 3 teaspoons

Placenta - 3 Capsules (or equiv)

Umbilical - Whole dried umbi stump

Hair - We can set your loved one's hair with crystal clear flecks and opal flecks as a background only. Choice of pearl or gold shimmer.

Hair and milk - 30ml minimum & pinch of hair

Flowers and greenery - minimum 3 teaspoons equiv 


Shimmer - Pearl, gold or plain (without)


Crystal flecks, peacock flecks or flamingo flecks work best in this design due to the fine fibres of these flecks.

Milk opal is a popular design with breastmilk. Please note this is the only flecks choice we add to milk if requested.

You can find the full range of flecks HERE


If you are sending something irreplaceable, please do not send all you have or please do not order at all. We cannot take responsibility if we have used all of what you provide to us and cannot send materials back home. We understand this means sometimes only a very small amount will be sent to us. We would rather this than have you upset if we use all you provide. 

Important info:   please note we have a no refunds policy and as such we encourage you to read our FAQ page and ask any questions PRIOR to ordering:

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