Handmade copper hammered filled ring

$190.00 AUD

Jewellery that truly makes a difference

Our gorgeous copper jewellery is 100% ethically handmade from start to finish & is proudly an exclusive filled design to Beyond The Willow Tree. The journey of these pieces begin in Mexico, where women are given the opportunity to make a living by learning new skills and providing for their family's.

After we receive and process your precious items at Beyond The Willow Tree, we begin to set the precious  keepsake materials of your choice into these gorgeous settings to keep with you and pass on to generations of your family forever.

Each ring is very solid, with a beautifully hammered band and a setting of 12mm.

You can choose from the following materials-


  • Breastmilk - 20ml required
  • Umbilical - 1 umbilical
  • Loved ones ashes - 1.2 teaspoon
  • Dried flowers - equiv to 1 teaspoon
  • Milk & hair (please leave a note at checkout)
  • Natural elements like crushed stone, sand etc - equiv to half teaspoon
  • Other - Please contact us

Important info:   please note we have a no refunds policy and as such we encourage you to read our FAQ page and ask any questions PRIOR to ordering:



More about our handmade copper jewellery  & what it means to own one of these stunning pieces.

"Laura’s workshop is a small community workshop, deep in the heart of Mexico, focused on lifting women out of poverty. The workshop teaches jewelry making skills and sells the jewelry that is made by the students. The students are mentored by Laura and others until the student feels that she can offer her work for sale. All donations are reinvested into the workshop. This “teach a woman to fish” model can permanently lift whole communities from poverty, providing families with the resources and skills they need to be self sufficient.


Laura’s Jewelry Workshop is a full education program for our students. They learn how to use computers, understand English and proper communications, evaluate health care choices for their family and in every way, we make a huge effort to open their eyes to the world. We teach them how to stand up for themselves and that they alone can make a difference in their own families.

For women, poverty means more than having little or no income. It means missing opportunities because they lack power and voice. It means missing out because they are undercounted, undervalued, under-served and under-represented." 

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