'Goddess Aurora' ring in silver or 14k gold

'Goddess Aurora' ring in silver or 14k gold
  • 'Goddess Aurora' ring in silver or 14k gold
  • 'Goddess Aurora' ring in silver or 14k gold
  • 'Goddess Aurora' ring in silver or 14k gold
  • 'Goddess Aurora' ring in silver or 14k gold
$992.50 AUD

Aurora was the Roman Dawn Goddess. Her name means dawn, daybreak or Sunrise. She is the personification of the first light of day.

The latest design in our Imperial Light Collection, this piece is both bold yet feminise with a touch of elegance.

Set with 34 ethically sourced diamonds (or your choice of cubic zirconias), surrounding your very own precious 6mm keepsake stone.


Included with our 'Goddess Aurora' band is your choice of custom engraving.

You may choose up to 13 laser engraved characters, making up the words of your loved ones, your family's name, a special date such as wedding date or birth date, or a word which holds meaning in your life along your journey.  Please note that engraving info must be included in the notes section upon check out.

When placing your order, please include the exact following details in the notes section at checkout and within your package to us - Please ensure you read all following information before placing your order.

  • Size - Available in sizes 4-9 only. We cannot create these rings in any smaller or larger sizes sorry. Half sizes available for this setting
  • Metal choice - Sterling silver, 14k Rose, Yellow or White gold
  • Choice of 34 Diamonds or 34 cubic Zirconias 
  • Inclusions choice
  • shimmers and flecks choice
  • Engraving details (up to 13 characters)

Amount of inclusions to send 

  • Breast milk 20ml
  • Ashes 1/4 of a teaspoon (please do not send more than this)
  • 1 placenta capsule
  • 1/4 umbilical stump
  • Hair - we cannot set hair into this design sorry

Flecks and Shimmer

  • You have the choice of plain, pearl shimmer or gold shimmer.
  • The only flecks we will add to your milk on request is light opal, or 'milk opal'. We don't recommend any other flecks to be added to milk sorry.
  • For the full range of flecks and shimmers for all pieces, click HERE


  • Please note, we can set hair into this ring, however it will only be straight strands (not curled).
  • When setting hair only, we will only set light opal flecks and hair, and/or pearl or gold shimmer for the background. Please note your choice at checkout
  • We cannot set hair without a background shimmer/fleck
  • Please note we have a no refunds policy and as such we encourage you to read our FAQ page and ask any questions PRIOR to ordering: https://www.beyondthewillowtree.com/pages/frequently-asked-questions


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