European bead 3 bead package SALE

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Until the 31st of December 2018 we are offering a three bead package with 2 full price beads and the third at 50% off. Included in this offer is an extended period in which you have to send us your inclusions. All orders made with this offer have until the 1st of August to send your inclusions to us. 

You may choose from the inclusions below 

Hair (1cm length minimum per bead)

Breast milk (20ml for 1 bead, 30ml for 2 beads, 50ml for 3 beads)

Ashes (1/4 of a teaspoon per bead)

Umbilical (1 umbi stump. We will send home what we don't use)

Hair and milk (limited to 1 per package of 3)

Placenta (1 capsule per bead)

When placing your order please include the following details at checkout and within your package

Bead 1 - Inclusion choice, shimmer & flecks choice, metal insert colour

Bead 2 - Inclusion choice, shimmer & flecks choice, metal insert colour

Bead 3 - Inclusion choice, shimmer & flecks choice, metal insert colour

Flecks and Shimmer

  • You have the choice of plain, pearl shimmer or gold shimmer.
  • The only flecks we will add to your milk on request is light opal, or 'milk opal'. We don't recommend any other flecks to be added to milk sorry.
  • All flecks and shimmers go beautifully with all other inclusions.
  • For flecks and shimmer options click HERE

Measurements of our beads

14mm width, 9mm height, 5mm hole width


Please note we are on holidays between the 19th of December and the 23rd of January. Please hold onto your inclusions and send to us by the 1st of August 2019. We have extended the time period in sending inclusions only for this offer.

Please note we cannot cancel a previous order to reorder this offer. This offer is only valid for new orders made through this listing from the 29th of November 2018.

We have a no refund policy, please visit the link HERE to read information on our policies. 


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