Custom solid 14k yellow/rose/white gold keepsake disk, charm pendant & chain

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This sweet design is our first ever fully customisable keepsake design specially created to capture your individual journey.

This set contains an engravable solid gold (white/yellow/rose) 12mm disk, a stone of your choice embedded into the disk, a 4mm crown style charm filled with your own personal inclusions, and an 18 inch beautiful chain.

This set is designed with small disk pendants to make it perfect for adding extra personalised disks and inclusion charms to them.

Please note the following information is very important and will help you build your custom keepsake disk set.

Please ensure you have each dot point added to your order at checkout. Please contact us after placing your order with these notes if you have any troubles finding the box for notes at checkout.

  • Which gold colour would you like? Yellow/White/Rose gold?
  • Front side engraving (up to 8 characters including spaces. This includes letters, numbers and symbols such as /:,.)
  • Back side engraving (up to 8 characters including spaces. This includes letters, numbers and symbols such as /:,.)
  • Inclusion stone choice from the list below
    1. Breast milk (5 - 10ml each charm stone)
    2. Hair (1cm minimum length)
    3. Umbilical (half of an umbilical stump. We send the remaining home)
    4. Ashes (1/4 of a teaspoon. We send the remaining home)
    5. Placenta (1 capsule)
  • Flecks and shimmers choice for your keepsake stone. Click HERE to view our selection.
  • Front side birthstone choice which is embedded into the disk. Chose from the list below.
    1. Garnet
    2. Amethyst
    3. Aquamarine
    4. Pearl
    5. Alexandrite
    6. Ruby
    7. Tourmaline
    8. Citrine
    9. Topaz
    10. Moissanite
    11. Onyx
    12. Diamond
    13. Emerald
    14. Peridot
    15. Blue Sapphire
    16. Australian Opal
    17. Tanzanite
    18. Turquoise
    19. Zircon
    20. Coral
    21. Lolite
    22. Spinel


When choosing more than one disk and charm, please use the drop down menu to add to your selection. Please use the above as a guide to order each disk and label them "disk and charm #1" "disk and charm #2"

Please note that you will receive one chain with all disks and charms attached per order.

We cannot separate these sets into individual charms and disks sorry, they are sold only together as listed.

You may choose to add to your necklace at a later date. In early 2019 we will have add on options available for customers who have already purchased their first set and would like the add on without a chain.

For all other questions and information please click on THIS link

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