Life journey bead packages - BEING DISCONTINUED ON THE 1ST OF JUNE

$190.00 AUD

This current availability of bead packages will next be stocked on the 1st of each month. Please check back then if you find a package has sold out.

Every single one of us has a story to tell, a journey we have walked and grown from. From your own birth, to childhood, becoming a parent, love, marriage, celebrations and every amazing path in between. We also experience the passing of our loved ones, which when they are gone we want to hold onto that little part of them that made them who they are, that person you love so dearly.

We have put together time piece packages which are in honour of your life journey ~ Life journey beads. Within each bead contains a part of your life story, or that of someone you love dearly.

How to order - Please note ALL of these specifications within your package to me clearly within your package, and preferably at checkout - This ensures we can correctly create your beads and also have an online record of your choices for you to refer back to

What materials would you like? You may choose unlimited breast milk, & breast milk and hair beads in your package.

  • Loved ones hair
  • Breast milk & hair
  • Flowers from a significant time
  • Breast milk
  • A baby's own umbilical stump
  • Your loved ones ashes
  • Baby's own dehydrated placenta
  • Crystals, threading and material from your wedding gown
  • Sand from the beach or special ceremony
  • Greenery
  • Other? Please contact us to confirm first
Would you like flecks and/or shimmers? Examples of these HERE


Fleck & shimmer colour of each bead - State clearly which bead you would like matched to which colour. You may mix shimmer & flecks together.


  • Red
  • Dark green
  • Light green
  • Brown (similar to copper)
  • Silver
  • Light Pink
  • Dark pink
  • Rose gold
  • Dark opal
  • Crystal flecks
  • Turquoise
  • Dark Blue
  • Purple

Shimmers - Pearl & Gold


Important notes 

  •  Please note that sets such as this one are not included in the 10% off offer unless 3 individual packages are purchased. 
  • Please label all bags clearly in your package so I can match hair etc to the colour flecks desired. eg Ella hair - Dark blue flecks & gold shimmer, breast milk with gold shimmer...
  • If choosing a secondary milk bead, 30ml of milk will be enough.
  • Please remember that each bead is individually handmade from start to finish. There will be possibly be evidence of a moulding line on your beads. We ensure we trim and carve each bead with great care & attention, but remember that each bead will not be 100% machine made perfection. If you are looking for jewellery which is next to flawless, perhaps choosing another piece will suit best.


  •  Gold shimmer and a coloured fleck looks STUNNING together
  • Very light blonde to white hair can be hard to see. Shimmers only are best at minimum in these beads. If you would like colour, please note that I will only add a very sparing amount within your handmade beads.

 Each piece you buy from us is handmade with love and crafted so individually different. This means that no two products will ever be the same. Although we put a lot of time and dedication into our work, there may be something which sets apart one piece from the next. It could be a small bubble, or a seam which is a little evident. Buying handmade, means buying an extension of an artists expression. 
Each item you send us will also be different from the next person's, so please remember we cannot replicate an exact version of something you may see on our store as colours & materials will always vary. Thank you for choosing handmade.


For all new orders placed from February 1st 2016, We will no longer add bangles into these packages. We specialize in handmade jewellery and not the accessories which are sourced elsewhere. Please note, beads can be worn on necklace chains, charm bracelets and any other European bead style accessories.

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