Amethyst tipped keepsake crystal - With your choice of personal inclusions

$235.00 AUD

{These beautiful DNA crystal tip crystals are an exclusive & original Beyond The Willow Tree design.}

Beautifully crafted from your personal inclusion such as breast milk, ashes, umbilical or placenta, each crystal shape is infused with our signature crystal tip made up from pure Amethyst {we only work with crystals supplied from a trusted and reliable source} When choosing to have one of our specially made crystals, please remember that crystals can vary in colour and depth. We try to choose only one's which closely match to each photo, however please keep this in mind before placing an order. Your crystal is unique, like you. Each piece of Amethyst is picked out and cleansed prior to working with your order, ensuring your piece is the care and attention it deserves.

You may choose to include either a pearl or gold shimmer to really set your crystals sparkle off, however we don't recommend the use of flecks due to the natural look of each pendant & the tone of flecks against this. To finish off your piece you can choose from either sterling silver, 18k gold or 18k rose gold wire wrapping, which you may then hang from your choice of chain, or similar.

"Amethyst embodies the red-violet ray that connects both time and color, of beginnings and endings, as the old year wanes and the new is about to arrive. It tempers the fiery red ray with the intuition of the violet ray, bringing passion and imagination, emotion and logic. It stimulates creativity and is particularly helpful in artistic endeavors. Light Amethyst helps us peer into our souls and see ourselves as others see us. It is the ray of self-esteem and self-knowledge. Dark Amethyst gives us the deep vision needed to see the future. It gives us powerful insight and enhances our perception of the potential effects of our decisions."


How much of my materials are required?

Breast milk - 35ml

Umbilicalno less than 15mm in largest diameter for this piece - We require the full umbilical stump (The little bit left at the belly button at birth)

Placenta - 2 capsules or 3cm diameter dry piece

Ashes - 2 teaspoons

**We may be able to work with items such as sand/soil or flowers, however please contact us with a photo of what you have to ensure it will work before placing your order.

Measurements - 8mm width x approx 4cm total height (including wire wrapping and loop)

*We cannot add hair to these pieces sorry, this is due to hair appearing messy within this certain piece.


If you are sending something irreplaceable, please do not send all you have or please do not order at all. We cannot take responsibility if we have used all of what you provide to us and cannot send materials back home. We understand this means sometimes only a very small amount will be sent to us. We would rather this than have you upset if we use all you provide. 

What does it mean when an item is out of stock?

This means that we have placed a monthly limit on how many of these pieces we create each month for that particular style. Please check back at the start of the next month for it's availability.


Important info:   please note we have a no refunds policy and as such we encourage you to read our FAQ page and ask any questions PRIOR to ordering:

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