We ship worldwide, and accept AfterPay within Australia & NZ We ship worldwide, and accept AfterPay within Australia & New Zealand.

Holiday season

It is that time of the year again where Melanie & Roshnee take an annual break to rest and recharge, in preparation for another big year for us.

Placing orders and sending your packages to us will continue as per usual, and we expect all current and new orders placed at any given time to continue to be sent home within our current turn around time.

We plan to make our time off as straightforward as possible for both our current and future clients while we are away, and hope this guide helps answer your questions and make plans on when the right time is to order and send your inclusions to us.


Holiday Dates

Roshnee - Our kind & supportive Communications manager - available via email & Facebook.

Unavailable between - 23rd December - 15th January

Available via email 15th January

Melanie - Owner, Creator, and superb multitasker of all things Beyond The Willow Tree.

Unavailable between - 24th December - 3rd January 

Creating orders as per usual in our studio from 3rd of January

Available for urgent emails up to 2 days per week - From 3rd January until Roshnee's return

Orders placed & mail received during our holiday break will continue as per usual.

Adding notes after placing your order while we are away?

Email us with your order name and/or number and leave your notes such as half size requests, flecks & shimmers, change of address etc. We will check these emails prior to having your jewellery settings created while we are on break - Or prior to sending when we return to the studio. We will confirm we received your email at the time it is relevant.

Sending mail to us

We very strongly advise to send your packages with tracking so you can see it has arrived to our post office. You may notice your package scanned as delivered, or awaiting collection - Either notification means it is now safely at the post office. We have a great relationship with our posties, so they are safe until the below pick up dates.

Mail pick up dates

Our first package pick up date is scheduled for the 3rd of January 2024.

You can check our arrived list via THIS link using the password in your order confirmation email.

Repairs or issues regarding your jewellery 

If you experience any issues with your jewellery while we are away, eg. you may have accidentally snagged your jewellery & need help. Please know this is important to us & we are always proactive in offering assistance. 

What to do if you experience jewellery issue

Remove your jewellery & keep it safely stored until we can assist

Email us at beyondthewillowtree@outlook.com with a description of what has happened, including photos. 

Please sit tight until we are back in the studio and able to assist further. We know this situation can cause anxiety, however, please know we will always ensure you and your special piece of jewellery is looked after.

 Postal issues

Have you sent a package to us, or we have sent one home to you? During December, Australia Post experiences delays due to Christmas. It is normal to see express post times increase from their standard timeframe. 

Please note, we have had amazing success with Australia Post, and have not experienced missing packages - only delays at times. We advise to continue to track your package.

You can reach out to Australia Post HERE 

Are you an International client who is experiencing delays? 

December is the mail systems most busiest month globally so you may especially experience this delay. January/February is typically the most quiet time, so please don't be alarmed. 

If you are concerned, please visit the website of the mail provider you used and follow their steps for delayed international post. They are likely able to internally track & may have more information than you are seeing online.

If you would like to try and track your package using Australia Post (some international tracking works here once in Australia), you can find it HERE


We look forward to our return to the studio, feeling fresh and ready to create magic in 2024. 

Have a safe and happy holiday season!