We ship worldwide, and accept AfterPay within Australia & NZ We ship worldwide, and accept AfterPay within Australia & New Zealand

Welcome to Beyond The Willow Tree ~ Worldwide award winning professional DNA keepsake Artistry


a sensory experience like no other

Beyond The Willow Tree is Australia's original and award winning service, specializing in professional hand made DNA keepsake artistry,such as jewellery from breast milk, loved ones hair, a loved one's ashes, baby's umbilical, natural elements, and much more...
Our aim is to create classic & timeless pieces which stimulate a visual sensory experience, triggering the emotional journey in which is now a memory.

Your jewellery is as unique as you are.

 We only work with quality materials to ensure your jewellery is something you love and will treasure forever. We are a 100% handmade service, which means everything you see within our store has been individually hand crafted and put together especially by Melanie.

Our promise to you

~Only YOUR own materials will ever be used in your jewellery ~ All milk and other materials are clearly labelled & organised to ensure we give our 100% promise guarantee~

~We hold a specialised legal permit to import materials such as breast milk, umbilical, & more into our country. We have been assessed by health officials at bio security & deemed the only creator to hold this permit. Our international customers are very important to us & we promise your package will safely reach myself ~ 

~We promise we keep all information and stories relating to each piece of jewellery confidential, unless otherwise granted written permission to share. We work with all materials with love and respect for the families and their journey's which brought you to us ~

~We will ensure our best handmade quality is put in to each item ~
~ We will treat your packages and jewellery with the love, respect and dignity each piece deserves ~ 
Each persons journey is different from the next, and with this, Beyond The Willow Tree is passionate in capturing what it means to have such sacred and special keepsakes to last a life time.
We are honoured with what we do and provide families WORLDWIDE with a range of professionally created & individually hand crafted keepsake jewellery pieces.
We hope you enjoy the Beyond The Willow Tree journey