COVID-19 Update

Coronavirus update



Beyond The Willow Tree is still fully operational during this global pandemic. 

We are aware of how stressful and upsetting this time is and send love to you all. 

As a small business we appreciate the understanding and ongoing support of our customers more than we can express. 

Thank you so very much. 

Moving through our 9th year of business we are reminded of what an honour it is to be entrusted with your most precious of inclusions, more now than ever.

On our website we state that packages need to be sent within a certain timeframe. 

Due to the current situation please note we absolutely do NOT expect this. We totally understand (and encourage) safety being the number one priority. Please stay in touch with us and know that we will still fulfil your order when it is safe to send your package.

As our small team of mamas who already work from our home/personal studio, we are ‘business as usual’, however we do rely on suppliers like our team of metalsmiths who we source our settings from and of course, the postal service.

At this current time Australia Post are still delivering (albeit with some possible delays) both our local packages and international. 

There are country specific restrictions which can lead to delays that are out of ours and Australia Post’s control, and we encourage you to please check your countries postal provider website for their most recent updates.

Here is a link to Australia Post’s current International updates (opens in a new window):

Here is a link to Australia Post's current Australian Domestic updates (opens in a new window):


 As we hold a permit to import human derived materials such as breast milk, umbilical & placenta, we are under no restrictions in receiving your materials during this time. These materials are classed as safe to send and receive.

We ask that if you are sending us breast milk, and you do not have any stored in your freezer at this time, to go ahead and freeze 10-30ml (depending on what your minimum requirement is for your chosen design). This way you will have milk stored in the event breastfeeding coming to an end while you await feeling safe to send to us during this time.

We are not processing monetary refunds as per our usual T&Cs, and any refund request will come in the form of a store credit to replace your original order. This must be redeemed within 6 months.


Once again, thank you for your ongoing support and please know that more now than ever we are honoured to be part of your lives in creating DNA keepsakes that hold such special meaning to you and your loved ones. 


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions


Stay safe, lead with love and wash your hands ;-)