Important Christmas information 2018



Customers can place orders and laybys however please note that after Oct 1 all packages must be sent when the studio reopens in January

August 31st 2018 -
This is the cut off date for us to receive your package in order to ensure your order will be sent home in time for Christmas. 

Any package which arrives after this date has no guarantee of a 2018 delivery and will be safely stored until we return from Christmas holidays in 2019. 

September 28th -This is the last date in 2018 for you to send your package to us. If you don't send by this date please hold on to your package (i.e freeze your milk) until the studio reopens January 23 2019.

October 1st -We have removed our postal address to prevent packages being sent as we prepare to close down the studio for 5 weeks from December 19th 2018.

Our postal address will be available on our website again from the 23rd of January 2019.

December 17th -

If your package was sent prior to the Christmas cut off we will prioritise international packages to be sent by this date, however the very last of our mail will be sent on this date.
We are not associated with the postal system, so any delays caused by local or international postal systems are not our responsibility. Thank you for your understanding.


December 19th -
Our team is on holidays, HOORAY! 
Melanie  will be away for 5 weeks with her family & Roshnee will take less time off, however exact dates will be announced soon.

January 23rd 2019 -
We are back from holidays, our address and customs permit will be back on the website & we will resume working on all orders received in 2018. Please keep a note of this date and check back in to the website as the 'how to send' information will be up on this day.



**Side note**
Please note that you must have your layby paid in full before sending, so please keep this in mind when placing a Christmas order.

You can order gift vouchers right until Christmas day as they get emailed to you straight away.