Golden Lux ring

Golden Lux ring
  • Golden Lux ring
  • Golden Lux ring
  • Golden Lux ring
  • Golden Lux ring
  • Golden Lux ring
  • Golden Lux ring
  • Golden Lux ring
  • Golden Lux ring
$1,599.00 AUD

The name Golden Lux was inspired by the Latin meaning of Lux being light, and golden signifying the radiance in which light brings.

Our Golden Lux band has a sparkle and unique radiance like no other in our range, with a choice of either 12 radiant and conflict-free genuine diamonds, each 2.25mm in diameter, with 4 accent stones which are 1mm cradling around the main stone.

We also offer this design with 16 Cubic Zirconias.

Included with our Golden Lux band is your choice of custom engraving.

You may choose up to 13 laser engraved characters, making up the words of your loved ones, your family's name, a special date such as wedding date or birth date, or a word that holds meaning in your life along your journey. Please note that spaces between words are classed as characters

When placing your order, please include the exact following details in the notes section at checkout. If you cannot find this section at checkout, please email us after your purchase & we will add this for you.



  • Inclusion choice
  • shimmers and flecks - Only if requesting shimmers or flecks effects
  • Confirmation of size - Only if requesting half sizing



    Available in full and half sizes between size 4 - size 9. 

    Please let us know right away after purchasing if you require a half size.

    Larger or smaller sizes than specified here are not available, sorry.

    Amount of inclusions to send 

    • Breast milk 20ml
    • Ashes 1/4 of a teaspoon (please do not send more than this)
    • 1 placenta capsule
    • 1/4 umbilical stump
    • Hair- we cannot set hair into this setting sorry.

    Custom Engraving

    • You may choose up to 13 letters or numbers
    • Engraving is laser engraved in "Edwardian' font 
    • Please leave a very clear note at checkout of your choice of letter or numbering - Including capitals and lower case lettering. Symbols such as '/ . &' are included as available characters. Spaces are also classed as a character.

    Side notes

    Breast milk is as individual in colour as we are as people.

    For this reason please note that your piece will not look like the photos on the website .... even they differ! We see milk that is as white as paper through to beautiful creamy yellow and even blue/pink/green tinges. Please note that your milk has nothing added to it to change its colour. We believe this is what makes each piece so special. 
    Your piece will not look like the next person's, nor will it look like the photos on our website (which all differ too).

    Flecks and shimmers dance around and settle in their own way, a way we can not predict or change. We don’t see these as flaws or imperfections. We see them as unique and amazing just like the inclusions you send us. 


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