The Priestess solid sterling silver ring

$210.00 AUD

The Priestess is a gorgeous solid sterling silver ring which securely cradles your precious stone which has been professionally preserved and crafted from your very own breast milk, loved one's ashes, baby's umbilical, placenta and possibly more..
Our priestess is a high quality piece and our first introduction into our precious metals range. This piece is available in a size 7 and 8 only.
Dimensions of your stone 
14mm x 10mm
Shimmers and flecks 
We recommend pearl or gold shimmer.
As for flecks the only flecks we recommend is dark opal or light opal within your elements - Dark opal for darker elements & light opal for milk & lighter elements.
Please write down your fleck colour choice at checkout and in your package.
Can this piece contain hair? 
We can set this piece with hair and milk. Please be sure to note this upon check out.
Please also note that hair will move to it's natural shape. If the hair is baby hair, this is usually fine and very pliable. Older children's hair or adults tend to be more coarse and may not sit as well in this ring. Commonly more mature hair will appear as a straight line of hair opposed to a curl.

Important info
Please note we have a no refunds policy and as such we encourage you to read our FAQ page and ask any questions PRIOR to ordering:

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